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About Raven

Hello, I’m Raven Meyers, a wife, mother and teacher, devoted to planting seeds of change. My intentions in this life, is to make my mark in this world matter, and have a lifestyle that reflects that intention.  

I work with people just like you, thought leaders, visionaries, healers and do-gooders, by giving you the tools to rise through a virtual mentorship, online training, and a community devoted to a path of conscious living, and entrepreneurship.  

So sign up today! Learn how to be your own creative director. I will show you how to craft your courses from scratch, design a meaningful and memorable website, and digital products that align with your vision. 

"When we lead with our soul, our life itself transforms. When we are clear with our intentions, our story is not only seen and heard, but felt deeply by others. A true story telling from the heart. Within that alignment we can pave our path in a meaningful way, a way that benefits others." -Raven

With Respects, Raven

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